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Observing the Arctic Photo Contest


Sponsored by the U.S. Arctic Research Commission

The U.S. Arctic Research Commission (USARC) held a photo contest titled “Observing the Arctic” to identify compelling Arctic images to be included in USARC’s publication “Report of the Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research 2015–2016.” This report to the President and Congress outlines scientific research goals and objectives for the Arctic.

We invited you to submit original photos of Alaska and the greater Arctic region. See the Official Rules page for detailed instructions about the contest.

One overall winner and six runners up were selected. Consistent with U.S. federal government regulations (see, the winner will receive a prize of $400.00, and the winning photo will be prominently exhibited in USARC’s Alaskan and Washington offices, displayed on the USARC website, and published on the cover of USARC’s 2015–2016 Goals Report. The six runners up will receive prizes of $150.00 each, and will also have their photos displayed on the USARC website and published in the report.