Announcement | USARC on RIA Novosti regarding Russia's Arctic Forum next week

Posted 9/19/11

On Thursday, September 15, John Farrell, the Executive Director of the US Arctic Research Commission (USARC) participated in a video conference at the invitation of the Russian news agency RIA Novosti on the topic of the upcoming Russian Arctic Forum. The conference/video link-up, involved three participants from Washington, DC (Julie Gourley, US State Department; David Monsma, Aspen Institute; and John Farrell, USARC) and three* from Moscow.

The event was recorded. The link to the video, and associated text, is here. It is about one hour and ten minutes long.

During the conference, Dr. Farrell mentioned USARC, and the fact that associates Mead Treadwell and Lawson Brigham would be participating in the Arctic Forum. Dr. Farrell spoke about scientific research, and gave examples of successful US-Russia collaboration (from 13:50 to 16:40 in the video), and he responded to a journalist's question about the link between scientific research and international politics (at the end, at 1:05:00 and 1:08:00).

When you get to the site, if you give your computer some time to stream the video across the Internet, you can then fast forward by dragging the pointer/dot to any point in the video.

* Anton Vasiliev, Russian Foreign Ministry special envoy in the Arctic Council; Boris Nikitin, President of Russia's Academy of Technological Sciences and chair of the Offshore Drilling Department at Gubkin Oil and Gas University; and Sergey Dobrolyubov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and member of the Russian Geographic Society's presidium.